ZombiU to come on Xbox 360

ZombiU creator has given a hint that their forthcoming survival horror game “ZombiU” may not stay limited to Nintendo in the coming time.

Gabrielle Shrager of Ubisoft said that SmartGlass technology from the software giant, Microsoft, makes ZombiU’s onset promising on Xbox 360.

Shrager stated that they have listened hordes of second-screen discussions.

“There’s always what Microsoft’s doing with SmartGlass. So it’s not a development issue to build it for other consoles but the heart of the concept wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have this notion of twice the screens, twice the fear,” Gabrielle added.

When questioned regarding the prospect to swell ZombiU to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Gabrielle Shrager answered that he feels that what they have is a very reliable and persuasive parcel.

“If you remove one of the elements, whether it be perm death or dual screens we’re going to lose a bit of what makes ZombiU stand out. So a straight port to Xbox 360 or any other console would not be the same experience,” he also said.

But, with the SmartGlass tab, they are not necessarily hooked up with to Nintendo.

According to them, it all hinges upon how the two-screen know-how is presented by SmartGlass technology.

  • littlefishkid