Xbox 720 Development Kits AKA Durango Spotted

Microsoft recently announced that their next version of the Xbox 360 codenamed Durango. Apparently, some Durango development kits are already in the hands of some developers.

Recently, one of the Xbox 720 Durango developement kit was reportedly being up for sale at $10,000 at the assembler games forum. Not a small amount by any means. It was reportedly put up by someone called “Dae

Naturally, many people were skeptical and Digital Foundry went to several developers who were known to have been working with the Xbox 720 Durungo dev kits and the answer was surprising. It was real!.

In his reply to Digital Foundry, he said it was a prank on the forum administrators at Assembler and it apparently backfired where he was banned.

The more interesting part was as quoted

DaE reckons that the current devkits were dispatched to studios in February, and feature Intel CPUs and a graphics card that carries the NVIDIA brand – but he doesn’t identify either part more specifically. He also claims that the Durango kit features more than 8GB of memory (other sources have suggested 12GB), and that it is 64-bit in nature – at this point it’s worth bearing in mind that dev hardware typically features double the RAM of retail kit in order to accommodate debugging tools and other systems. DaE also says that Microsoft is targeting an eight-core CPU for the final retail hardware – if true, this must surely be based around Atom architecture to fit inside the thermal envelope. The hardware configuration seems difficult to believe as it is so divorced from the technological make-up of the current Xbox 360, and we could find no corroborative sources to establish the Intel/NVIDIA hook-up, let alone the eight-core CPU.

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    Yeah, the part that was puzzling to me was how did he get his hands on one in the first place? Durango dev kits as far as i know are only given to top game developers with a good track record of creating best selling games