The 10 Most Gruesome Video Games To Ever Hit the Market

Here’s a list of 10 top gruesome games that are sure to irk your parents and turn your stomach to mush.

Gory games are not new to the gamers of the world. Since gory games first came on the market, gaming manufacturers have competed to put out the latest and greatest stomach hurling games. Pong, for example, was about getting a pixel past a whole line of pixels to crush your opponent. Fighting is a major form of competition, so it would definitely make perfect sense that gaming manufacturers would create games that incorporated guts, gore, blood and killing or dismembering game characters.

You might notice some of the games below are top video game sellers. Proof that gore and blood does sell.

Proceed at your own risk to have a look at the 10 most gruesome games ever.

10. Gears of War 3

In this chilling game, your weaponry consists of a gun mounted chainsaw. This says it all. This game will take you on a ride of blood and gore to the maximum. The gears of war series have always been best sellers for microsoft.


9. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 brings chills and thrills with its VATS aiming system that lets the player strategically place all of their bullets into designated body parts with precision accuracy. Not only can you maim your enemies by blasting off their body parts, you can also freeze time. The camera will follow every bullet, and you can see up close and personal as it beheads super mutants. You get bullet time, but only for guts, blood and gore.


8. Silent Hill Series

Psychological horrors is the forefront of Silent Hill, but make no mistake, gore rears its ugly head in this game. While you explore the forsaken town, you are exposed to gore at its best with people having razor blades for bodily parts, monsters with body parts in the wrong places and muscular brutes with odd shaped heads who have a sick desire for skinning people. This game totally messes with your head, and gets your stomach rolling with the twists and turns of gore to the max.


7. Madworld

Many times gore is cheesy and looks almost like a cartoon if it isn’t done right. Madworld is a spectacular white and black game that displays cascading type sprays of human juice that is crimson in color. The city is taken over by evil terrorists who turn it into the scene of a murdering playpen. Jack is on a mission, and must overtake them from the inside.

Throughout the game, you will beat white and black bodies into oblivion until they are bloody pulps. After you beat them, into the meat grinder or smasher they go.


6. Manhunt Series

Manhunt takes gore, violence and blood to the next level, making your stomach roll with the horrifying scenes. You will be in competitions that seem like hell with tons of revolting people, and you are supposed to stab, suffocate and pummel them into submission. This game features highly-detailed graphics of murder unlike anything ever seen in other video games. It hands down makes the list of the 10 top goriest games ever.


5. Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil is the ultimate zombie game. Some of the zombie games are great and others are terrible, but one thing that never changes is that they are loaded with gore to the fullest. This game is packed with action and bloodbaths. It features blood fountains, flowing from neck stumps, and mutated characters eat off the living while muscular military characters kick the heads in of local living people, regardless of what ethnicity they are.


4. Mortal Kombat Series

The implementation of game ratings are in part due to the mortal Kombat series that first came out in the 1990′s. Mortal Kombat has one purpose for the player, and that is to mutilate opponents in any way that you can. It displays a graphical show of people being torn apart and ripped the shreds. This game turns your stomach with the views it gives you of cuts, broken bones and brains being splattered across the screen.


3. God of War Series

God of war sets the precedent for every other slash and hack game on the market. This game is a total bloodbath, and takes gore a step further. Kratos stabs his opponents into submission to solve all of his issues. If he doesn’t succeed, he pulls them apart bit by bit until they are nothing. Kratos gets thrilling satisfaction from gutting centaurs and taking Helio’s head and ripping it off with his own hands.


2. Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno earned its right to be on the top 10 gore list. In this game, tons of demon babies that are unbaptized are killed. The game follows the warrior Dante, while he takes Death’s spine right out of his back and makes his way through hell to save his lady love, who is damned because of Dante’s sins. Along the way, he stabs every living thing that he sees, and judges famed sinners. He damns them to further hell by smashing crosses into their forehead.


1. Dead Space Series

This game is a total gorefest. The game centers on dismembering all of the enemies. Every necromorph is prime for the taking for you to detach their limbs from their bodies that are encrusted with pus and blood. You will see grossly disgusting scenes throughout the whole game. The humans screaming and shaking you as they are turning into necromorphs and losing their skin due to it peeling off is one of the most grotesque sights you will ever see in a game.

So what do you think? Thought of any video game that is pretty gruesome and didn’t make the list. Let us know.

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    Madworld was amazing, I’m surprised to have not seen Left 4 Dead