Security for Xbox Live is upgraded

A number of steps have been incorporated by Microsoft in order to increase the security for the Xbox Live Service. The steps taken aims at better interactions with the users and better verification for any potential fraud activity. As per the posts on the official blog made by Alex Garden, GM, Xbox Live, the internet has changed the way we purchase goods and services online and our lives have been made easier but at the same time the number of frauds have increased victimizing millions of people each year. Microsoft has tried to make Xbox Live a community to be built on trust and investment of the members. The new changes are-

  •  Microsoft has taken legal action to pull down online posts or gamertags, usernames and passwords which it has collected from malware or phishing schemes so that the members remain protected.
  • The Xbox LIVE spring update has many behind the scene improvements which will help Microsoft to build on more security enhancements in near future.
  • The company is sending unique codes to the security phone numbers and secondary e-mail addresses so that the members could be authorized for purchases or while attempting account changes.
  • The market incentives would be reduced for criminal activities.
  • littlefishkid

    Not massive changes
    They still need to fix the hacking problem