Season Two of LeBrons Will be Out Soon on Xbox 360


The LeBrons Season Two will soon be out on Xbox 360. It is expected to become available in spring. The first season of The LeBrons was a big hit and featured over 50 million episode views in 2011. The LeBrons is a family entertainment show aiming at teaching the young adults of today’s generation.

Major Nelson said in a statement that second season The Lebrons is expected to surpass 50 million episode views as this time it will be made available for Microsoft consumer networks on Xbox 360.

The news came out in an announcement from Believe Entertainment Group. The announcement further stated that those who have availed the Gold subscription of Xbox Live will be able to enjoy the season two of The Lebrons with higher production value. It will be crisper with computer generated animations.

With all the new enjoyment features being added to the second season, the show is expected to be real hit this time also. Further, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have a very big role to play in future in acting as a entertainment hubs for people. With their Netflix and Hulu services up and running quite well, they can add more to it and end on the top side of the entertainment market.