NASA releases Mars Rover Landing for Microsoft Xbox 360

American space agency NASA has released a video game called Mars Rover Landing for the Xbox 360, in conjunction with its ongoing Mars Rover Curiosity mission.

Demonstrated by acclaimed astronaut Stuart Roosa’s granddaughter Danielle Dallas Roosa earlier this week, the Mars Rover Landing challenges players to land the one-ton Curiosity robotic rover on Mars using Kinect motion interface.

Michelle Viotti, manager for NASA’s Mars Public Engagement Program, said that Mars exploration is a shared human attempt, and they wanted everyone around the world to experience it.

Commenting on the development, Viotti said, “Technology is making it possible for the public to participate in exploration as they never have before.”

To illustrate the meticulousness required to carry out a successful Mars rover landing, the space agency has also rolled out a video detailing what it called “Seven Minutes of Terror.” The presentation is so drastic that it can change the sentiments of those have not been thrilled about robotic rover missions so far.

You can download the Mars Rover Landing game from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Kinect Central for free.

NASA’s ambitious Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and Curiosity are scheduled to land on Mars on 6th of August this year after a 352-million-mile journey.